Fascinating Facts About East Africa Tour Destinations

When it comes to traveling and touring new destinations, East Africa is one of the best places to visit. It offers some of the world’s attraction sites. The area is rich in history and vibrancy in culture. When you visit any country in East Africa, you’ll love the experience you’ll get from it—from beaches, parks, cities, to rivers, this region got you covered. 

But before you visit there are some amazing facts you need to know. Some of these facts are a good way to start planning on what you can do when you’re already in the region—because they define some of the fun activities you’ll enjoy in the region. 

This article lists the top three fun facts that you should be aware of before visiting East Africa for your next travel. 

  • Nairobi Is The Only Capital City With A Wildlife National Park 

Nairobi national park is located at the heart of the capital city. It’s the only city in the world where people live comfortably with the big five animals. The park stretches from the center of the city to the south. 

It’s one of the popular national parks in the world due to its accessibility. It attracts local and international tourists who come to enjoy the spectacular game drives through the park. 

Apart from the big five animals, there are other rare species of animals and birds that you’ll discover when you visit this area. 

  • Diani Beach Is One Of The Best Beaches In The World 

Located on the south coast of Kenya is one of the world’s cleanest and safest white sand beaches. It stretches for 21 kilometers with hotels and accommodation facilities along the beach. When you visit the beach, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking experience of this beach. 

It’s one of the popular beaches which attracts tourists from all the parts of the world. Thanks to the amazing climate, cristal clear water, and friendly locals. 

The beach is accessible via road or planes through the Diani Airstrip located 300 meters from the beach. And next to the beach is Shimba hills national park with amazing tourist attraction sites and features. 

  • There Are 5 Countries in East Africa 

Do you know most people think that Africa is a single country? Only a few people think of Africa as a continent. But the fact is that the entire continent has 54 countries. East Africa itself has five countries that form the East Africa Community. The countries are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. The five countries have been trading with each other and doing other partnership together. 

When it comes to tourist attractions, each country has its unique sites. And when you decide to visit, ensure you know the requirements for each country. These countries have different legal requirements for their visitors. 

Parting Shot 

East Africa is a perfect place to plan and go for your next travel. Whether you love beaches, mountains, or forests, it got you covered. You’ll find everything that you would wish to have. 

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